Friday, May 1, 2009

Social Media as Business Networks

With respect to Social Media as business networking, the following are the major social media business networking sites:

AdGabber (
LinkedIn (
Plaxo (
Spock (
Jigsaw (

Unlike MySpace, Facebook, and other personal Social Media sites, the above sites are set up to be business-oriented. It should be noted that one can use Facebook for business solutions. Visit to learn how to incorporate Facebook into your marketing program.

The following are some examples on using Social Media for business applications:
  • Develop focused target list by using search capabilities of LinkedIn
  • Use contact tools in Jigsaw
  • Use Facebook to build a group around a new product or service you want to launch. This is a good way of beta testing and getting feedback.
So how do I start:
  • Select a professional network
  • Create a presence on that network
  • Invite a few colleagues to join
  • Ask colleagues what networks they belong to and join them.
Always remember, when it comes to Social Media, active participation is a requirement.

As you become more active in Social Media networks always remember that they are a means to an end not an end in themselves. You should always be guided by the following:
  • Developing a presence to extend your brand
  • Reaching out to potential employees
  • Gathering feed back about your products and services
  • Building a sales prospect profile
Please share with us other Social Media business networks that you use and how you use them.

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