Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything is (or should be) part of your Brand

We recently moved into new facilities. Everyone knows that a move can be both exciting and tiring. It is after the move, when everything finally settles down, that you can take a deep breath and look around.

What do you see? Does your new location say what you want it to say - from its locale to the outside of the building, to the entry, to your actual space? Does it add to your brand? If not something is wrong. Your work space MUST tell your story. It must represent to your employees, clients, vendors, friends, and even walk in visitors who you are and what do you stand for. It should tell them what to expect. It should be part of your brand.

For example, a simple thing as a crooked picture may be interpreted as you do not pay attention to details or a dirty floor may send the message that you do sloppy work - even running out of toilet paper (do not laugh) may say you do not plan properly.
There are two easy questions to ask yourself, your employees, and clients
1. Are you proud of your work space and excited about people coming to visit?
2. Are your visitors happy to come to your office/studio?

We have had several clients say “We know what they do but you know we just enjoy being here”. We often have clients ask if they can use our meeting room and story boarding room for their company meetings. Not because they are elaborate but because of the atmosphere. This is an example of our facilities being part of and building our brand.
So take some time today, look around and make sure your surroundings are adding to your brand.

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