Monday, October 3, 2011


I thought we would re-launch our blog with the following poem. It actually won an award at a current leads group meeting.

Who do you know that may be called boss
Terms like Google and Blogger leave them at a loss
Remember a time when only birds had to tweet
Now it’s a daily essential if you plan to compete
Time and money are precious
Competition is grand
Tell them about TCDG’s Studio Guy
Protector of their brand
He’ll design a campaign full of website and print
Digital media channels that make the clients sprint
To the door, on the phone
Business will explode
Followers will triple from the new QR code
Their new flyers will shine
Their billboards will stop traffic
Their brand is now recognized because we reached their demographics
Brand, Story, Media
Are the secret key
Along with Studio Guy, the Marketing Guru of TCDG.

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