Thursday, January 6, 2011

So we were correct – big deal

About 9 years ago (I believe the Studios just celebrated it’s 9th anniversary)we started evangelizing Corporate Story Telling and why having a story and telling it is so important. Everyone who heard the message would say that they agreed and they could see why not telling their story could harm an organization. But like my last blog stated – Einstein’s definition of insanity “ keep on doing what you are doing and hope that the outcome changes.“

So many organizations just have not incorporated telling their story in their internal and external communications.

In the last blog, we also talked about correcting weaknesses this new year. If you are not incorporating telling your story in all you do including your brand, put it on top of your list. Over the past 12 months, we have heard more and more of successful companies openly talking about not only their story, but wanting to hear their clients/customers stories.

Nine years ago, we were correct in building our services around telling your story. Sometimes it just takes a while for a good idea to take root. Story telling is no longer a “cool” idea, it is a necessity. Thus this weakness becomes an even more critical one.

I am going to suggest to Denise, our Studio President that maybe our next ezine newsletter be about corporate story telling (even though we did one several years ago). It is no longer just our recommendation. It is an accepted practice for effective communications. Remember Marketing is just education your clients in your Story, Employee training is educating them in your story and reporting is educating your stakeholders in your story.

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