Monday, June 15, 2009

Gen X to Gen excel: No Slacking Here

We continue our discussions on the various characteristics of age cohort groupings that should be included in any design element.
  • Take-control, independent-minded, pragmatic mentality which aided by a booming economy has effectively shed all resemblance of a decade old image of slackers.
  • In the process of building careers, buying houses, and preparing to people them with god-knows-what generation.
  • Conservative and sensible in all matters pecuniary.
  • Gen eXcel is exercising maturity and prudence.
  • As a generation, they are averse to divorce.
  • Homes are considered a symbol of their individuality, rather than their status symbols.
  • Predominately they are looking for a particular look and that look can be provided by a multitude of brands.
  • They have sharp and discriminating taste that freely adapts and subverts existing fashions and brands while meeting hip fashions and individualizing. In other words, your basic postmodern portrait.
  • They saw job security and corporate loyalty fly out the window, they are the workers most likely to leave the company they are with if they receive a better job offer.
  • They are unwilling to sacrifice their personal lives on the corporate altar.
  • They favor work that offers variety and enhances their own skill set while allowing them to learn.
  • They are entrepreneurial and want to direct themselves.
  • They yen for teamwork and are accustomed to collaboration and enjoy being part of a team.
  • Being told what to do damages their morale, but being allowed to find their own solution and make their own mistakes is very rewarding to them.
  • They are equally accustomed to working for male and female bosses and show diminished concern for gender issues in the workplace.
  • Businesses must provide accurate depictions in their media – appeal to the eXcels’ individuality and their aspirations.
  • Humor, particularly sarcasm, is a favorite of theirs.
  • Anything irreverent has good shot at stirring their sympathies and maybe their loyalties. An amusing story with a great punch line and a good laugh is one way to do it. Offbeat, slightly off-color humor is often advised.
  • Campaigns that target the eXcels should strongly consider nontraditional approaches.
  • They have abandoned the typical hierarchical mentality in favor of equality – in other words, they expect others, even their bosses, to treat them as equals.
  • They describe the Internet as a means of escape and mental stimulation, as well as a way of gathering specialized information.
  • They are the first generation that said “What’s in it for me?”
  • Their rules:
  • Is it Hip/Cool? Is it Original? Is it Flashy? Is it New?, Is it Creative? Is it my Community? Is it Me?, Is it Sexy? Can I see myself in the message?, Is it Honest?, Is it Fun?, Is it Interactive? Is it Cynical? Does It Show I have Style? Is it Humorous? Is it Real?
  • Does it show I am one smart, brave, bad-ass success?!
  • The Xers have managed to usher in the “alternative” to everything.
  • Unbelievably smart, they are savvy and pragmatic and exchange information as bargaining chips.
  • They refuse to adhere to any road map and can turn on a dime to acquire a new strategy or skill set to win with.

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