Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Open to New Life

On October 7th, Studio Guy got a new cousin – Charles Richard. Baby and Mom are doing fine. Some want to call him Chuck and some want to call him Charlie so Studio Dog came up with a compromise - Chucklie.

It is always amazing to see the wonders of new life. Especially when it is your 14th grandchild. With the arrival of a new life, the question can be asked: How open are we to new life? This question is not limited to just new human life. It can also be applied to the life of our organization. Just how open are each of us to new life in our company? Or is it seen as change – a four-letter word.

Chucklie’s arrival has an impact to the life of the studio. He represents new ideas, new futures, new adventures, and new challenges.

Are we ready to face the same in our company? Are we willing to take on the challenges of change and bring new life to our organizations? It will mean new ways of looking at things and trying out new ideas, going beyond our comfort zone (including our approach to external and internal communications).

The only thing I can say is that without being open to new life, you will not enjoy the pleasure of experiencing new growth.

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